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Do you want your blog post to be seen by thousands of people, and ranked high in Google? Do you want to earn some extra cash while you build your blog audience and share your expertise with the world?

If so then writing guest posts is a great way to do both! We are looking for guest posts on topics ranging from business ideas, how to start a business, marketing strategies, inspirational stories of entrepreneurs and more.

We are looking for original, non-plagiarized submissions that are well written, keyword rich, grammatically correct and well researched. A guest post that has been posted on another site may be approved for publishing on our blog if the topic is of relevance to our audience – however we will not publish an article that we feel does not fit with the focus of our blog.

We are especially looking for writers who can write in a manner that could inspire our readers to take action. Writing should be persuasive and include a clear call-to-action at the end of each article. 

What is write for us?

Write for us is a service provided by www.bakadesuyo.com, which aims to provide clients with high quality content on various topics in the form of articles and blog posts. The main objective is to satisfy the clients need for high quality content and to make this happen we are in constant search for writers who are passionate about writing.

Why should you write for us?

If you are passionate about writing and have something interesting to say, then you will be an ideal candidate to write guest posts. The guest post section has been specifically created to make it easy for people who are looking to get their name out there while they build their audience.

Guidelines to Follow For Article Submission:-

1. Your article should be at least 500 words. We do not accept anything less than that.

2. We also do not accept articles with a keyword density less than 1%.

3. The title of the article needs to be in the following format: Keyword or Phrase for SEO – Title of the Article

4. You must have proper grammar and spelling throughout your submission, and it should be easy to read and well presented. 

5. Your writing must be unique and you must not plagiarize any part of your submission, including links and images.  

6. Your work will be double checked for plagiarism before we publish it on our blog and a link back to your blog or website needs to be included in the author bio.

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Why is Guest Posting Important for your business?

Guest posting is important for many businesses for a number of reasons. 

Writing guest posts for yourself or another business can increase the exposure of your website and blog with highly targeted traffic.  

It will also help you to develop your expertise, establish and increase credibility in the eyes of clients and customers. In addition to all this, it has been reported that search engines do in fact rank guest posts higher than original content. 

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