You don’t need to be a kefir expert to understand why kefaso is a go-to drink for me. I like it, and I like most all types of kefir. I love the refreshing sourness of it, the crunch of the little clumps, and the sweetness of the fruit. But I also like that it is one of those drinks that is a lot like me.

Kefaso is a drink that is very similar to the rest of the world. It has a sourness to it that is similar to my personality, but it also has a sweetness and a sweetness that is a little bit of both me and a little bit of them. And it is a drink that is a lot like me. It is one of the many things that I am and yet not one of the things that I am.

I’ve been playing around with this recipe for a while and have finally figured out a way to make it taste good. I’ve also made it work on a few different occasions and found it pretty easy to get drunk in the process. Kefaso is basically a mix of a sparkling wine and a tonic water. It is made with a ton of sugar and a ton of sparkling wine.

I know what you’re thinking: “This is just a tonic, right?” That’s right. But that is a completely different story. Kefaso is basically a carbonated tonic. It is a tonic that is sweetened with sugar and sparkling wine. So this would be quite a drink to start your day off with.

The idea was to make a party-ready party drink for everyone to enjoy. But to be honest, there was really no way to get drunk and to get drunk on the beach at the same time. It was pretty much a straight-up party drink. Maybe I should go back to the old days and try the kefaso instead. It turns out that a tonic that is still sweetened, refreshing, and refreshing is a tonic that is still not sweetened or refreshing.

So the question is, what can we do to make it more enjoyable to drink it for those who want to drink it? Well, we can say that the kefaso is a great drink if you can get a lot of people to drink it. We can say that it’s a great drink for an ex-vangelist to start an hour and a half on the beach, because those who want to drink it have a lot of time to drink it.

That’s really all we can say about this drink. It’s not a tonic for everyone, but it seems to be the thing that is most popular with those who want to drink it.

A lot of the times when someone says that they want something, they probably really want something, but they only want it so much as to be able to say their goal. That’s why we know that a lot of people, including myself, who are trying to be more social, we try to find reasons why we think a drink is something we should want. We try to find reasons that we think we should drink it, so that we can be more social.

This is not to say that all drinks are bad. I find that the ones I actually enjoy are the ones that I know that I will never have to drink alone, I can always have a second, or third, or fourth, but the ones I know are the ones that I know that they will never take me to. I drink because I like it. I don’t drink because I have to.

You might disagree. We all think that we need to drink because we think that it is something we should do, it is something that we should do. We never drink because we have to. We drink because we like it. We drink because we are social. We drink because we like our friends. We drink because we want to. We drink because we are free.

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