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This picture shows the bloxburg mansion I own that sits in my backyard in South Carolina. It’s a gorgeous 4,000 square foot home and I recently added a new kitchen and bathrooms to complete the home.

I had never thought to buy this property because it’s in the woods, but a few months ago, I found out it was for sale. I purchased it at a great price and am so glad I did. The house is stunning. I love the marble staircase and the open floor plan. I’m almost always at the house with my family and friends.

One of the things that makes the home so unique is that it was built by the Bloxburg family. Their ancestors came here from Germany and England. My great-great grandfather, Cornelius Bloxburg (who is buried in Saint Paul’s Cemetery in Charleston, SC), was the first settler on the island. He established a large mercantile business here and built the mansion, which is the only house in Bloxburg County that’s still standing.

The mansion was named after Cornelius’ wife. The house has two stories, but the upper floor is used as a guest house. It was built in the 1820s and is one of only three houses in the Charleston area to be built of brownstone. You can see the steps that connect the first floor to the upper floor. It’s also one of the oldest houses in Bloxburg County.

The mansion was purchased by the family of Cornelius Bloxburg, the original owner, in 1867. It passed into the Bloxburg family shortly after, and was sold to the family of William E. Bloxburg in 1891. The mansion was later purchased by William E. Bloxburg’s nephew, Cornelius Bloxburg Sr., in 1918. It was re-acquired by Cornelius Bloxburg Sr. in 1959.

The house is surrounded with a large lawn, a large garden, and a small pond. This is an unusual building for an estate, since it doesn’t have a garage. The basement is a large room with a fireplace and a staircase, and the upper floor is a two-story apartment. The mansion is very tall, and the kitchen is on the first floor. It’s an open, rectangular plan.

This mansion has a lot of history: Its Cornelius Bloxburg Sr.’s, but that is not the first time he’s been around. Cornelius Bloxburg Sr. was the son of Cornelius Bloxburg, founder of the National Savings Bank in Baltimore. Cornelius Bloxburg Sr. was a banker for the National Savings Bank and served as president.

He had a long and illustrious career in banking and served as president of the bank from its formation in 1873 until his death in 1936. He was also the chairman of the board and a director of the National Savings Bank.

The first time I ever saw Cornelius Bloxburg Sr. was in a play called “Oscars.” I only saw him at the time of his death and thought it would be a pretty neat scene. He is a well-known street performer and one of the most recognizable faces in Baltimore, but he has also been seen on the streets of the city.

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