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I’m very excited to announce a new site called AFS – An Italian Store. I have been making pasta for over 30 years and I am always looking for ways to add more flavor and more texture to my recipes. This site is just that – an Italian store! I will be stocking my own pasta sauces, some of my own homemade pasta, and also some of the very best Italian and Italian-influenced products that could be found in any Italian store in the world.

All of the ingredients in this Italian store are from the Italian industry, so they are all made in Italy. I’m a bit surprised that all the pasta recipes are in Italian.

Many people don’t realize that Italy is a pretty big country, and not all of the pasta is made in Italy. All of the sauce and pasta recipes are, however, from Italy, so the entire site is Italian.

The best pasta is made in Italy, right? Well, maybe not the best.

I thought this site was about Italian food? Really? The same company that makes the best pasta and sauce in Italy and also produces lots of pasta.

There’s a lot of Italian products on our site. Although we are really not a pasta company, we do make a lot of pasta. But there are a few pasta recipes that are from Italy. I think the best is the tortellini with black truffle sauce. It’s so good!! But the best of the best is that there’s a pasta called calzone. You must try it. It’s an omelette, with ricotta cheese. It’s sooo good.

The site was very slow during the summer, but as you can imagine our production is now back up and running, and we can now start making pasta recipes for you. This post is here to help us out with our recipes. If you have any questions please let us know.

The site is not the only one that might be able to help us out with our recipes. You can find a wide variety of recipes on our site below. We always make sure to keep the site updated with new recipes. Please let us know if you get any new recipes.

We’re still looking for some more great recipes, so if you have a recipe you’d like us to try you should let us know. Also if you have a recipe that needs some work please let us know so we can get it fixed.

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